What we do for you

Rohan Online Fitness Trainer provides personalized fitness plan for achieving muscle gain and fat loss goals. This is the most comprehensive plan which trains you for complete health, fitness and performance. You will not only be able to do daily tasks efficiently, but also take part in competitive sports. Your improvement will happen in all components of physical fitness. No other fitness program in India today matches our standard.

Our Vision

My Fitness Goal has a clear vision treach people online and provide science based fitness training for improving their health, fitness and performance at affordable rates. It helps people in transforming their body naturally through a sound training program. Since fitness programs are built upon research based findings therefore very effective and results are bound to happen. It eliminates hit and trial approach used by most trainers to give results. The focus of training is not only to change your physical appearance, but also bring fitness into your lifestyle.

You can trust us

You can trust us to get the expert advice on exercise, nutrition and body transformation. Many of our articles get published in fitness magazines like Fitness Republic, Women Fitness Magazine, Any Time Strength, Fit Reign, Trainerize, Perfect Health Fit, Health2Wellness, Self Growth etc. Through these articles we try to give solution to problems which people face in their fitness journey. Our answers to their queries help them in achieving desired goals.



Rohan has helped hundreds of people achieve their fitness goals and he can help you too. You might have started to get into exercise because you were eager to find the confidence in your appearance and get in shape.

Rohan had the same goal and his motivation led him to many achievements including becoming a 4 time Scottish champion in Olympic weightlifting.

With eight years of experience in personal training, Rohan has worked hard to find the right strategy and deliver true results that you can count on. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, get stronger or build a lean and athletic look, he will be able to find the right plan for your needs.

One of the main things that motivates Rohan is meeting new people like you and discovering your stories. He wants to help you conquer your roadblocks and pursue your goals to the finish line.